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LiteOn - 128GB

Producent: Acer
Produkt nr.: KF.1280L.001
EAN: 5711045599224
Varenummer: 503590
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 04-12-2017
Mere info
1.064,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse LiteOn - solid state drive - 128 GB
Type Solid state drive - intern
Kapacitet 128 GB
Enhedstype Solid state drive - intern
Kapacitet 128 GB
Kompatible bays 1 intern

LiteOn SSD provides the real, sustained speed performance in the real life computing environment. Instead of providing experimental speed data by testing S/W using all "0" or "1" data steam, LiteOn SSD gives you real and ultimate performance in the real random-data-pattern world. Besides, many of other SSDs lose the speed (performance drop) after time. LiteOn SSD, with reliable and professional in-house design F/W, recognizes the problem and ensures delivering consistent performance all life time.