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NETGEAR Business Central Wireless Manager

NETGEAR Business Central Wireless Manager licensabonnemet (1 år) - 50 adgangspunkter

Producent NETGEAR
Produkt nr. WM50AP1YL-10000S
Varenummer 826648
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Leveringstid 1-3 dage
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27.997,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse NETGEAR Business Central Wireless Manager - licensabonnemet (1 år) - 50 adgangspunkter
Produkttype Licensabonnemet - 1 år
Kategori Online & komponentbaserede tjenester - online og enhedsbaseret service - enhedssoftware, online og enhedsbaseret service - cloud computing software
Installationstype Hosted - SaaS
Antal licenser 50 adgangspunkter
Kategori Online & komponentbaserede tjenester - enhedssoftware, cloud computing software
Produkttype Licensabonnemet - 1 år
Installationstype Hosted - SaaS
Licenstype 50 adgangspunkter

NETGEAR Business Central is a secure, cloud based IT service platform designed to provide small to mid-sized organizations with an affordable way to establish, provision and manage key IT networking services. Effortlessly. Wireless Manager forms part of the Business Central management umbrella and allows you to manage your entire WiFi network across multiple borders, cities, buildings and floors, securely through the cloud. Anytime, anywhere.
Using a single portal dashboard, bring multiple sites, ProSAFE wireless access points and users under one management umbrella within minutes. Manage wireless SSIDs, control access to your network, and run bandwidth usage reports with a few clicks. Achieve full visibility of your network with real-time alerts to keep you in total control of evolving service needs from day one. Wireless Manager requires no hardware installation at customer premises, provides a cost effective pay-as-you-go model, and supports both fee-based and free WiFi access.

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