HPE Matrix Operating Environment for HP ProLiant and HP ProLiant c-Class blade servers - Licens 1 server

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Producent: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Produkt nr.: TC225BAE

  • Bring the flexibility of virtualization to physical servers
    With new logical server capability, server profiles can be easily created and freely moved across physical server blades and virtual machines. Logical servers capture everything that the OS and application stack require to operate - the system image, the configuration requirements and unique identifiers - all managed in software. It can be a physical blade or a virtual server, or a template stored offline that can be activated on any available, suitable virtual or physical resource, in minutes. Simply drag and drop logical server profiles and activate them instantly on any suitable physical or virtual machine without impacting LAN or SAN administrators.
  • Real-time capacity planning for servers and power
    Industry's most advanced tool to continuously analyze and optimize server capacity and power, eliminating guesswork and months of tedious data collection and analysis. Accelerate large scale server consolidations with Smart Solver technology, using more than a thousand data points per server per day, recommending best-fit scenarios. 5-Star rating system makes it easy to identify best-fit candidates for logical server profiles with drag and drop ease. Consolidation Pack for ProLiant: a six month license option for capacity planning for 100 servers.
  • Manage physical and virtual servers in the same way
    Manage physical and virtual resources in the same way, with a powerful view of all available resources on a single screen. View the big picture or obtain a detailed view of a single resource within the same screen without switching tools. Expand the number of resources each administrator can manage across physical and virtual servers, improving productivity of the whole team. Leverage your existing investments in HP Systems Insight Manager and Insight Control.

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ProduktbeskrivelseHPE Matrix Operating Environment for HP ProLiant and HP ProLiant c-Class blade servers - licens
KategoriOnline & komponentbaserede tjenester - online og enhedsbaseret service - cloud computing software
InstallationstypeHosted - ASP
BundtningHP Insight Control
Antal licenser1 server
Bundled support1 Year 24x7 Software Support
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KategoriOnline & komponentbaserede tjenester - cloud computing software
InstallationstypeHosted - ASP
BundtningHP Insight Control
Bundled support1 Year 24x7 Software Support
Licenstype1 server
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
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