Modmic 4.0 Uni-directional uden mute-knap

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Producent: AntLion Audio
Produkt nr.: GDL-0422
EAN: 784682975046

What is a Modmic The ModMic uses a highfidelity 5volt electret not a typo microphone capsule for input and attaches to any pair of headphones though a magnetic clasp system. The clasps are attached to the headphone surface with a removable 3M adhesive. Each microphone comes with two of these adhesive clasps so the user can use their mic on multiple headphones. Five cable clips are included that will pair the microphone cable to the headphone cable. The mic comes in a carry case that holds extra clasps cable clips instructions surfacecleaning swab and an extra 3M adhesive pad in case the user wants to reattach their base clasp. The Modmic is protected by US and international patents. The Unidirectional capsule offers better noisecancelling but does not have as much sensitivity or frequency response as the Omnidirectional. If you're going to be using your mic in a noisy environment go with the Unidirectional. Jack: 3.5mm plated TRS for use with PCs. Works with Playstation 4 and Xbox One extra accessories necessary. Cable: 3.3 meters length 2.5 mm diameter coaxial shielding optional mute button 150mm from end of boom about shirt pocket height Boom: 175mm max length very bendable with internal steel spine Clasp: 12.7mm 0.5 inch diameter circle adhesive pad footprint 17.5mm total height of attached clasp assembly. Microphone capsule specs: Pattern: Unidirectional Sensitivity: 38 3 dB Response: 100 Hz?10 kHz SNR: >50+ dB Impedance: 2.2 K Operating Voltage: 1 to 10V Max current at 2.0V: 500 uA Max input SPL: 110 dB

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