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Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4100

Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4100 stregkodescanner

Producent Datalogic
Produkt nr. GBT4100-WH-BTK00
Varenummer 298397
3.812,- DKK
  0 stk. København
  0 stk. Aarhus
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 31-08-2017
Mere info
Produktbeskrivelse Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4100 - stregkodescanner
Type Stregkodescanner - håndmodel - Bluetooth 2.0 - afkodet
Min. linjebredde 3 mil
Scanningshastighed 325 scan / sekund
Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs
Trådløs tilslutning Bluetooth 2.0
Batteri 1 x Litiumion
Dimensioner (B x D x H) 7.1 cm x 18.1 cm x 10 cm
Vægt 225 g
Producentgaranti 3 års garanti
Type Stregkodescanner - håndmodel
Farve Hvid
Grænsefladetype Bluetooth 2.0
Min. linjebredde 3 mil
Lyskilde bølgelængde 630-670 nm
Scanningsmodus Enfaset
Scanningshastighed 325 scan / sekund
Skæv vridning (grader) 65
Pitch (grader) 65
Print Contrast Signal (PCS) 15%
Med afkodning RSS-kode, Kinesiske poststandard, GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked
TTL-afkodning Afkodet
Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs
OK meddelelse Bipper, LED-indikator
Trådløs tilslutning Bluetooth 2.0
Overensstemmelsesstandarder RoHS, IEC 60529 IP52, IEC 60825-1
Strømenhed Batterioplader - ekstern
Batteri 1 x Litiumion
Bredde 7.1 cm
Dybde 18.1 cm
Højde 10 cm
Vægt 225 g
Service & Support 3 års garanti
Detaljer om service & support Begrænset garanti - 3 år
Min. driftstemperatur 0 °C
Maks. driftstemperatur 50 °C
Fugtighedsgrad ved brug 5 - 90%
Specifikation ved fald 1,8 m fald på beton

The Gryphon series represents the premium line of Datalogic Scanning's general purpose handheld data collection products and offers the richest feature set among the general purpose products.
Featuring Bluetooth Wireless technology, the Gryphon GBT4100 readers eliminate the need for cables that limit operator movement and create safety concerns in the workplace. The reader can also transmit data to the host through its base station as well as to any commercial or embedded Bluetooth v2.0 compliant device.
Datalogic's unique 2-position cradle provides multiple features for the user. When in the 'up' position, this imager can be used as a hands-free or presentation style reader. With the Scan-While-Charging feature, there is never any concern about depleted or dead batteries, ensuring constant up-time for increased productivity.
The Gryphon GBT4100 reader's batch mode capability allows more than 1200 bar codes to be stored in the memory. Combined with a 33,000 scans per charge Lithium-Ion battery, these two features create unlimited mobility and reliable data collection when out-of-range.
Datalogic's exclusive patented 'Green Spot' for good-read feedback helps to improve productivity in noisy environments or in situations where silence is required. When using the product with the cradle at a 45° position, the Green Spot can work as an aiming system to aid in positioning the bar code for quick and intuitive reading.

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