Xerox Image Overwrite Security

Xerox Image Overwrite Security digital viskelæder

Producent: Xerox
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Produktbeskrivelse Xerox Image Overwrite Security - digital viskelæder
Produkttype Digital viskelæder
Designet for Copycentre C32, C40; WorkCentre Pro 32, 40
Produkttype Digital viskelæder
Designet for Xerox Copycentre C32, C40 ¦ Xerox WorkCentre Pro 32, 40

Based on a U.S. Department of Defense three-pass overwriting process, Xerox's Image Overwrite Security option eliminates the risk of unauthorized access to or removal of information that remains on the hard disks after copying, printing, scanning or faxing a document.
A digital copier, printer, scanner or fax digitally stores an image of each document on an internal hard disk drive in the form of 0's and 1's. That pattern stays on the hard drive until it is overwritten by another document. The Image Overwrite Security option obliterates data left behind both on the system's main hard disk, where the Document Center stores image data, and on the network controller hard disk, where network image data is received. The main disk overwrite feature can be activated by entering a code at the system's control panel, while the network controller disk overwrite occurs automatically each time the machine is powered up.