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Transcend DDR2 - 1 GB - SO DIMM 200-PIN

Producent: Transcend
Produkt nr.: TS128MSQ64V6J
EAN: 0760557798293
Varenummer: 186618
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 30-11-2017
Mere info
547,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Transcend - DDR2 - 1 GB - SO DIMM 200-PIN
Produkttype RAM-hukommelse
Kapacitet 1 GB
Hukommelsestype DDR2 SDRAM - SO DIMM 200-PIN
Opgraderingstype System specifikationer
Dataintegritetskontrol Ikke-paritet
Hastighed 667 MHz (PC2-5300)
Søgetids Timinger CL5
Egenskaber Ikke bufferet
Spænding 1.8 V
Producentgaranti Begrænset livtidsgaranti
Designet for Acer Aspire 31XX, 36XX, 51XX, 55XX, 56XX, 7003, 93XX, 98XX, iDea 510; ASUS A6J; A6Ja; A7J; A7JB; A7JC; A8F; A8Ja; A8Jc; A8Je; A8Jm; A8Jn; A8Js; A8M; M9J; R1F; V6J; W3J; W5 NAPA; W5F; W6Fp; LG M1, P1, S1, T1; MSI Megabook L720; L745; M662; S262; S27X; Whitebook MS-1058; Samsung M55; Q35; X11
Kapacitet 1 GB
Opgraderingstype System specifikationer
Teknologi DDR2 SDRAM
Model SO DIMM 200-PIN
Hastighed 667 MHz (PC2-5300)
Søgetids Timinger CL5
Dataintegritetskontrol Ikke-paritet
Egenskaber Ikke bufferet
Modulkonfiguration 128 x 64
Organisering af chips 64 x 8
Spænding 1.8 V
Kompatible åbninger 1 x Hukommelse - SO DIMM 200-PIN
Service & Support Begrænset livtidsgaranti
Designet for Acer Aspire 3100-1033, 3100-1052, 3100-1104, 3100-1352, 3100-1509, 3100-1709, 3102NWLMi, 3103WLMi, 3641NWXMi, 3680, 3680-2233, 3680-2301, 3680-2626, 3680-2974, 3681WXMi, 3682NWXMi, 3682WXMi, 5100-3748, 5100-3959, 5100-5095, 5100-5222, 5100-5299, 5100-5400, 5100-5762, 5100-5830, 5101AWLMi, 5101AWLMi-120GB-FR, 5101AWLMi-FR, 5101WLMi, 5102WLMi-2GB-FR, 5102WLMi-FR, 5103WLMi, 5110-5202, 5110-5351, 5110-5560, 5110-5744, 5112WLMi-FR, 5114WLMi, 5541AWXCi, 5541AWXMi, 5600AWLMi, 5601AWLMi-FR, 5602WLMi-FR, 5610-4179, 5610-4711, 5610AWLMi, 5611AWLMi, 5612AWLMIi, 5672AWLMib, 5672WLMib, 7003WSMi, 9113WLMi, 9300-5024, 9300-5197, 9301AWSMi, 9301AWSMi-FR, 9301WSMi, 9302WSMi, 9800, 9802AWKMi, 9802AWKMib, 9802WKMib, 9803WKMi, 9805WKHi-FR, iDea 510 ¦ ASUS A6J ¦ ASUS A6Ja ¦ ASUS A7J ¦ ASUS A7JB ¦ ASUS A7JC ¦ ASUS A8F ¦ ASUS A8Ja ¦ ASUS A8Jc ¦ ASUS A8Je ¦ ASUS A8Jm ¦ ASUS A8Jn ¦ ASUS A8Js ¦ ASUS A8M ¦ ASUS M9J ¦ ASUS R1F ¦ ASUS V6J ¦ ASUS W3J ¦ ASUS W5 NAPA-W5GT23DD ¦ ASUS W5F ¦ ASUS W6Fp ¦ Gigabyte W251U, W551N ¦ LG M1-J2YKV Express Dual, P1-52A7A Express Dual, P1-J003A9 Express Dual, P1-J003F1 Express Dual, P1-J004A9 Express Dual, P1-J004F1 Express Dual, P1-J005A9 Express Dual, P1-J114B Express Dual, P1-J2A8A Express Dual, P1-J2MXV Express Dual, P1-J2MXV1 Express Dual, P1-J2PAV1 Express Dual, P1-P2LCF Express Dual, S1-J2BCV1 Express Dual, S1-M002A9 Express Dual, S1-P112B Express Dual, S1-P400F1 Express Dual, S1-P402A9 Express Dual, T1-7002A9 Express Dual, T1-7002F1 Express Dual ¦ MSI Megabook L720 B1 ¦ MSI Megabook L745 201NL, T5611DL ¦ MSI Megabook M662 T2318DL ¦ MSI Megabook M662S 047DK ¦ MSI Megabook S262 ¦ MSI Megabook S262B 038NL, 049UK, 050UK, 089NL, 200NL ¦ MSI Megabook S262BT T2521DL, T7212DL ¦ MSI Megabook S270 W2 ¦ MSI Megabook S271 ¦ MSI Megabook S271B 029NL, 055NL, 074UK, 089NL, 201NL ¦ MSI Megabook S271O 098DK ¦ MSI Megabook S271W 021NL, 054NL, 060DK ¦ MSI Whitebook MS-1058 ¦ Samsung M55 T001 ¦ Samsung Q35 ¦ Samsung X11

The TS128MSQ64V6J is a 128M x 64bits DDR2-667 SO-DIMM. The TS128MSQ64V6J consists of 16pcs 64Mx8its DDR2 SDRAMs in 60 ball FBGA packages and a 2048 bits serial EEPROM on a 200-pin printed circuit board. The TS128MSQ64V6J is a Dual In-Line Memory Module and is intended for mounting into 200-pin edge connector sockets.
Synchronous design allows precise cycle control with the use of system clock. Data I/O transactions are possible on both edges of DQS. Range of operation frequencies, programmable latencies allow the same device to be useful for a variety of high bandwidth, high performance memory system applications.
This memory is designed for the following systems:
ACER (Notebook) Aspire 5670 series (5672, 5672WLMI);
ACER (Notebook) TravelMate 4200 series (4210, 4260, 4270);
ACER (Notebook) TravelMate 4670 series (4672, 4674);
ACER (Notebook) TravelMate 8200 series (8202, 8204);
ACER (Notebook) Aspire 5620 Series;
ACER (Notebook) Aspire 5560 series (5562 WXMi);
ASUS (Notebook) A6000J/A6000Ja Series (A6J, A6Ja);
ASUS (Notebook) W5000F Series (W5F, W5GT23DD);
ASUS (Notebook) A7000J (A7J, A7Jb, A7Jc) Series Notebook;
ASUS (Notebook) V6000J (V6J) Series Notebook;
GIGABYTE (Notebook) W251U;
GIGABYTE (Notebook) W451N;
GIGABYTE (Notebook) W551N;
LEO (Notebook) GE2D/ GT1W;
LEO (Notebook) GT2W;
MSI (Notebook) Megabook S262;
MSI (Notebook) Megabook S262.