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Producent: 3M
Produkt nr.: 98-0440-5189-8
EAN: 051128798515

Hectic life? Scratches to your tablet screen?
You need a screen protector.

However, if you use your device on-the-go, you know how easy it is to read over another’s shoulder. Wouldn’t it be good to know that the only person able to read your screen is you?

That is why 3M, market leading providers of notebook privacy filters, has created the easiest way to protect your tablet screen from scratches and prying eyes.

Only a 3M Privacy Screen Protector provides...

- Privacy On-The-Go Protect your information by blocking the view of others.
- Vivid Image Clarity Clear finish maintains high image clarity.
- Touch Compatible No compromise to touch screen functionality.
- Stay-Clean Edges Innovative technology prevents dust and grime from collecting on the edges of screen protector.
- Easy to Clean (microfibre cloth included) Fingerprints and smudges wipe away cleanly with a soft, lint-free cloth.
- Residue-Free Removal Unique adhesive technology means your screen protector goes on easily and removes cleanly.
- Privacy Your Way Some 3M Privacy Screen Protectors for tablets are available in two formats to suit the way you work: choose from either portrait or landscape orientation.

Also available for Apple® iPhone® 4 and 3G/s

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