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Sonnet RackMac Mini

Sonnet RackMac Mini monteringskabinet for rack - 1U

Produkt nr.: RACK-MIN-2X
EAN: 732311008351
Varenummer: 434333
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2.050,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Sonnet RackMac Mini - monteringskabinet for rack - 1U
Produkttype Monteringskabinet for rack
Højde (rackenheder) 1U
Dimensioner (B x D x H) 43.8 cm x 27.9 cm x 4.4 cm
Vægt 2.9 kg
Producentgaranti 1-års garanti
Designet for Apple Mac mini (Midt 2010, Midt 2011)
Produkttype Monteringskabinet for rack
Højde (rackenheder) 1U
Bredde 43.8 cm
Dybde 27.9 cm
Højde 4.4 cm
Vægt 2.9 kg
Med forbindelsesled 4 pin USB Type A x 2
Overensstemmelsesstandarder RoHS
Service & Support Begrænset garanti - 1 år
Designet for Apple Mac mini (Midt 2010, Midt 2011)

Mac mini computers make sweet servers for most applications. However, integrating them into a rack poses some challenges. How do you securely mount the minis? How do you keep them cool? How do you turn them on without pulling them out of the rack? How do you plug in a thumb drive for a quick update? Sonnet's RackMac mini solves all these challenges and more!
This fully-assembled rackmount solution for the latest line of Mac mini servers and computers supports the installation of one or two Mac minis side-by-side into 1U of rack space. Constructed of rugged steel, the RackMac mini places the computers behind a smart front panel. The RackMac mini's design manages airflow through the computers to keep them as cool as ambient air. Stack them close and stack them high for a Mac mini server farm. The RackMac mini provides a front panel power switch and front panel USB port for each computer!
Do you need to take your mini on the road? The RackMac mini's internal rubber bumpers hold your computers firmly in place even during transport in portable racks. Combine this with a shallow 11-inch mounting depth, and you have a product perfect for use in transportable rack applications, such as those from Gator Cases. The RackMac mini is a perfect solution for musicians or DJs! The RackMac mini's design also allows normal WiFi and Bluetooth wireless operation in most configurations, so you can use iPhone or iPod Touch application control apps.
RackMac mini allows open access to the computers' ports in the rear of the enclosure. Holes for cable ties enable you to secure all cables, keeping them tidy while avoiding accidental disconnects.
RackMac mini secures your Mac mini's without trapping them in recirculation hot rack air. A strategically designed chamber directs cool air in a one-way path through front panel openings to the computers' air intakes, and then out the back.

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