F-Secure Mobile Security - Intet installationsmedie, inkluderer Antitheft Android Bokspakke 1 smartphone/tablet Nordisk

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Producent: F-Secure
Produkt nr.: FCIEBR1N001NC
EAN: 6430012421106

Smartphones can perform many of the same things as a PC. With a smartphone you can send SMS and multimedia messages, check your e-mail and browse the Web, take pictures and record video, play music, watch television, and buy things online. Many people store their personal information, pictures, banking details, e-mails, business projects and other valuable and confidential data on their smartphones. As more financial transactions are carried out using mobile phones than ever before, criminals are not only out to steal the phones but to make money from the information they contain.
F-Secure Mobile Security allows smartphone users to experience the full potential of their devices without the fear of mobile threats. In the unfortunate event your phone is lost, stolen, infected by mobile malware or even spied on, Mobile Security helps to safeguard your personal and confidential data. F-Secure Mobile Security makes your smartphone completely safe for today's connected life.
Technical savvy is not required when installing or running F-Secure Mobile Security. The solution works invisibly in the background, scanning all network traffic and monitoring the device for malware. The application combines real-time antivirus functionality with a firewall, anti-theft and anti-spyware, making the device completely safe for today's connected life. F-Secure Mobile Security automatically retrieves the newest updates whenever any data connection is used. An additional SMS update mechanism patented by F-Secure ensures that critical malware fingerprints are received even when a data connection is not available. Thanks to light and efficient scanning technology, F-Secure Mobile Security does not affect the smartphone user experience.
Mobile phones can easily be lost or stolen - so it's important that you have a way to protect and remotely control the device. F-Secure Mobile Security 5 introduces the advanced Anti-theft feature with Remote Lock, Remote Wipe and Theft Control functionalities. Remote Lock can be used to lock the device to protect confidential information quickly and easily with a single SMS message. The Theft Control feature activates when the SIM card is changed by locking the device. As an ultimate safety measure to prevent misuse, it is possible to erase all the data on the phone with Remote Wipe. You can be sure that your personal and confidential information won't be misused by anyone.

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ProduktbeskrivelseF-Secure Mobile Security - bokspakke ( 1 år )
ProdukttypeBokspakke - 1 år
KategoriSikkerhedsprogrammer - sikkerhed - mobilenheds-antivirus
Antal licenser1 smartphone/tablet
Bundled support1års standardsupport og vedligeholdelsesservice
Licens DetaljerIntet installationsmedie, inkluderer Antitheft
Distributionsmedie( høj pakke )
Service & SupportOpdatering af nye udgaver
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KategoriSikkerhedsprogrammer - mobilenheds-antivirus
ProdukttypeBokspakke - 1 år
Bundled support1års standardsupport og vedligeholdelsesservice
Distributionsmedie( høj pakke )
Licenstype1 smartphone/tablet
DetaljerIntet installationsmedie, inkluderer Antitheft
TypeOpdatering af nye udgaver - 1 år
Opdatering af virusdefinitioner - 1 år
Opdatering af definitioner på malware - 1 år
E-mailkonsultation - 1 år
Telefonrådgivning - 1 år
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