HPE ProCurve Identity Driven Manager ( v. 3 ) - Licens 500 brugere

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Producent: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Produkt nr.: J9438A
EAN: 884420457602

  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
    Identity Driven Manager provides a powerful GUI for defining network access policies and monitoring users on the network. Administrators can quickly see which users are currently on the network and easily drill down to know where and when they connected.
  • Auto-discovery of identity elements
    RADIUS servers with IDM agents, RADIUS realms, and users are automatically discovered and assigned to a default policy group for the administrator's attention.
  • Detailed reporting
    Identity Driven Manager provides reports of network access that can be automated to run at specified times or created on demand. Reports are useful for documenting network access by users and groups, as well as for investigating failed network access attempts in order to identify potential network attacks.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Network Access Protection
    Identity Driven Manager cooperates with Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) in order to integrate the HP Adaptive Network capabilities with endpoint validation from Microsoft NAP.
  • Integration with Active Directory
    Identity Driven Manager integrates with Active Directory to automatically map Active Directory group membership to Identity Driven Manager Access Policy Groups. Changes within Active Directory are automatically propagated to Identity Driven Manager and the network access rights are enforced.
  • Import users from LDAP or XML file
    If current user data is not kept in Active Directory, Identity Driven Manager can read users and group membership from an LDAP directory or XML-formatted file.
  • Works with industry-standard RADIUS protocol
    Access policies are enforced based on RADIUS authentication, and Identity Driven Manager integrates with leading RADIUS authentication servers.
  • Dynamic access rules based on time, location, and user system are formed by administrators and dynamically applied
    Access-policy groups have rules that are applied to each user in the group based on the time, location, and user system. These dynamic inputs are evaluated and the policies applied according to the user's profile, so the appropriate network access policies are applied at the right time and place.
  • Automatic VLAN assignment
    Users can be automatically assigned to the appropriate VLAN based on their identity, device, device status, location, and time of day.
  • Endpoint integrity verification
    When used with an endpoint integrity solution such as the HP Network Access Controller 800 or Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP), access policies can be set based on the posture of the endpoint connecting to the network, allowing non-compliant endpoints to be isolated until they comply with organization policies.
  • User-based access control lists (ACLs)
    Users can be allowed or denied access to network resources (e.g., servers, printers) based on the destination IP address or a range of IP addresses, and/or to network services (e.g., Web pages, instant messaging, or FTP) based on well-known or user-defined TCP/UDP ports.
  • Traffic prioritization
    Traffic prioritization (QoS) can be automatically set for each connection based on user, device, location, and time of day, allowing appropriate prioritization of network traffic.
  • Rate limits
    Rate limits can be automatically applied to a session in order to limit the impact of lower-priority connections and reserve bandwidth for important business use.
  • Identity Driven Manager updates the server with transactional resilience
    The Identity Driven Manager agent uses a transaction process to update Identity Driven Manager server data. If the connection from the agent on the RADIUS server to the Identity Driven Manager server is broken, the agent will queue the data until the connection is restored and then transmit the data, as appropriate, back to the Identity Driven Manager database.

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ProduktbeskrivelseHPE ProCurve Identity Driven Manager ( v. 3 ) - licens
KategoriNetværksprogrammer - system- og fjernadministration
Antal licenser500 brugere
Designet forHPE 2920-24G Switch, 2920-24G-POE+ Switch, 2920-48G Switch, 2920-48G-POE+ Switch
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KategoriNetværksprogrammer - system- og fjernadministration
Licenstype500 brugere
Designet forHPE 2920-24G Switch, 2920-24G-POE+ Switch, 2920-48G Switch, 2920-48G-POE+ Switch
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
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