Vantage CNM (v. 2.3) - Licens 100 enheder

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Producent: ZyXEL
Produkt nr.: 91-996-052001B
EAN: 4718937507641

The ZyWALL Series of appliances empowers administrators to centrally define, distribute and enforce a full range of UTM services and policies in a distributed environment, while Vantage CNM allows IT managers to easily apply, monitor and update security license information through license monitor which simplifies the license subscription and management process. Email notifications are generated automatically to remind IT manager of the service expiration dates when customer licenses are going to expire.
In terms of VPN management, Vantage CNM offers a graphical user interface for administrators to create VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels by simply clicking on a device and drag a "tunnel" to another. This makes VPN configuration much easier and reduces the time, costs and complexity involved in establishing and maintaining VPN configurations.
Vantage CNM is an integrated management tool that enables IT managers to administer devices from a central location. Administrators can easily conduct group firmware upgrades immediately or perform unattended upgrades with the scheduling feature. Security policy changes can be applied across a group of devices to remedy a security threat incidence. Administrator can also backup the configuration of a whole device group and restore a specific device when needed.
Vantage CNM supports centralized logging and alerting. Administrators can monitor device condition and identify online/offline status at a glance. When an incident happens, Vantage CNM can proactively notify the administrator by a visual icon and email alert.
Vantage CNM also offers a comprehensive set of more than 50 historical reports, including firewall/virus/intrusion attacks, bandwidth usage, Web site usage, user activity, and more. Administrators can analyze network usage and be aware of suspicious activity and attacks. Intuitive drill-down reporting allows network administrators to look at more detailed information about network usage and suspicious activity, such as the correlation between security events and hosts.

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 30/5 2017

ProduktbeskrivelseVantage CNM (v. 2.3) - licens - 100 enheder
KategoriNetværksprogrammer - netværk - system- og fjernadministration
Antal licenser100 enheder
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
KategoriNetværksprogrammer - system- og fjernadministration
Licenstype100 enheder
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
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