LANDesk Management Intelligence for System Center Configuration Manager - Vedligeholdelse 1 licens

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Producent: HP (Hewlett packard)
Produkt nr.: E4H41AAE

Management Intelligence for Microsoft System Center uniquely consolidates the functionality of several add-on products into a single decision-making solution. Management Intelligence provides the functionality to manage software licenses, along with hardware lifecycles, and the ability to aggregate and analyze manufacturer, vendor and reseller data in an effort to support process and decision making.
While the assets employed across an entire organization are already difficult to track, this process is compounded by the fact that various manufacturers, vendors and resellers label and name software and hardware assets differently. This disparate information not only creates major issues when IT managers who are working to determine how many of a particular asset or license they currently have, but it also impedes productivity. With Management Intelligence IT managers know everything about the software and hardware they have purchased, are able to import vendor and warranty data automatically at the time of purchase and perform data analytics to normalize, standardize and calculate effective software license quantities and entitlements.
After data from across various vendors is aggregated, it can then be analyzed within Management Intelligence. IT managers can view or share their data via the SmartVue executive app, scheduling reports through an easily accessible portal and creating and publishing specific reports custom tailored for various stakeholders. Many organizations need better visibility into software and asset lifecycles and they get that with Management Intelligence. IT is given the confidence they need to view all of their assets including areas where the organization might be over purchasing and identify rogue purchases. By understanding their level of software compliance and managing all software licenses, including SaaS and VDI software implementations, they can reduce cost by reclaiming unused licenses and reduce the risks associated with software management.
In addition to tracking software assets and licenses, IT managers must also have a clear picture of all hardware within the corporate network at any given time; with Management Intelligence they can track hardware assets like printer, routers, switches and other SNMP devices. With Management Intelligence, IT managers can know how many assets they have, how they are performing, their location and even how they are being used. This is accomplished by automatically importing warranty management information at time of purchase, barcode scanning, knowing when printers need to be maintained or when ink or toner is low and determining the location of map printers or other assets - all features enabled by Management Intelligence.

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ProduktbeskrivelseLANDesk Management Intelligence for System Center Configuration Manager - vedligeholdelse
KategoriNetværksprogrammer - netværk - overvågning og ydelsesadministration
InstallationstypeHosted - ASP
Antal licenser1 licens
LicensprisfastsættelseVolumen / 10000+ niveau
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KategoriNetværksprogrammer - overvågning og ydelsesadministration
InstallationstypeHosted - ASP
Licenstype1 licens
LicensprisfastsættelseVolumen / 10000+ niveau
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
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