ComputraceOne Intel AT-p Edition - Licensabonnemet 1 licens

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Producent: Fujitsu
Produkt nr.: S26361-F2009-L118
EAN: 7330381068553

ComputraceOne lets you efficiently monitor who is using your computers, what hardware and software changes they make, and where your remote devices are located. And, if your computer goes missing - Absolute Software works with law enforcement to track and recover it for you.
Most government legislation is designed to protect customers' privacy or place tighter controls on data and reporting. In cases where machines are stolen containing sensitive information, an optional Data Delete function can be used to remotely wipe machines using an algorithm that meets the NATO deletion standard.
Absolute Software has partnered with computer manufacturers to add an extra level of security to the ComputraceOne agent. This module is built-in but disabled in the BIOS. Once installed and connected to the Internet, the agent will automatically detect and enable the BIOS module during the first activation call. Once enabled, this module's self-healing feature will ensure that the agent is always on, even if the hard drive is completely reformatted or replaced.
The Absolute Software team is staffed by former police officers and seasoned professionals who work with local authorities to obtain warrants. Knowing how law enforcement works helps to provide the highest level of recovery service to customers.
By adding visibility to the 40% of computers that go unseen by traditional IT asset management systems, ComputraceOne can take your asset management program one step further. Traditional asset management systems can lose track of assets like laptops when they drift to unknown locations or are not connected to the LAN. With ComputraceOne, laptops report changes in asset information on a daily basis - regardless of their location. The patented technology automatically gathers data and alerts you when you need to be concerned. If you already have an Asset Management Recovery System in place - Absolute Software can extend your reach to all your machines.

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 30/6 2017

ProduktbeskrivelseComputraceOne Intel AT-p Edition - licensabonnemet ( 3 år )
ProdukttypeLicensabonnemet - 3 år
KategoriNetværksprogrammer - netværk - overvågning og ydelsesadministration, netværk - system- og fjernadministration
Antal licenser1 licens
Designet forCELSIUS Mobile H700, H700 Photo, H700 Video, H700 Web; LIFEBOOK AH550, E780, E780 proGREEN, E8420, E8420 proGREEN, NH570, P770, S710, S710 proGREEN, S760, T5010, T730, T900, TH700
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KategoriNetværksprogrammer - overvågning og ydelsesadministration, system- og fjernadministration
ProdukttypeLicensabonnemet - 3 år
Licenstype1 licens
Designet forFujitsu CELSIUS Mobile H700, H700 Photo, H700 Video, H700 Web
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH550, E780, E780 proGREEN, E8420, E8420 proGREEN, NH570, P770, S710, S710 proGREEN, S760, T5010, T730, T900, TH700
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