HP Remote Graphics Software - Linux Licens og medie

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Producent: HP (Hewlett packard)
Produkt nr.: AW681AAE
EAN: 884962393086

Gets high-performance remote desktop access to your 2D, 3D, video, and media-rich applications - when and where you need them, on-site or from a remote location through a standard Internet connection. Collaborate with colleagues across geographies, in real-time, using content-rich interactive applications. Sign-in to your remote desktop and have the video, keyboard, and mouse follow you to the new access location. Connect a local USB device and have it virtually attach to your remote desktop session located in the data center. Now you can with HP Remote Graphics Software.
A core element of the HP Virtual Client Essentials software portfolio, HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) is an advanced utility that allows a user to access and share the desktop of a remote computer over a standard network. All applications run natively on the remote computer and take full advantage of the compute and graphics resources of the sending system. RGS Sender software captures the desktop of the remote system and transmits it over a standard network to a window on a local client using advanced image compression technology, specifically designed for text, digital imagery, and high frame-rate video applications. The RGS Receiver then captures input from the user's keyboard, mouse, and USB devices (including bi-directional audio and cameras) and transmits it back to the sending desktop for processing. This creates a very tight display and input loop that executes up to 60 times a second1 over a standard network to create a high-performance interactive experience for remote users.
HP RGS allows the desktop of a computer to be shared with multiple simultaneous users with either view-only or full-interactive access. This allows geographically dispersed professionals to work collaboratively using content-rich 2D and 3D applications and video. The RGS codec and protocol-independent architecture automatically support and accelerate all current and future multimedia codecs and applications, including Adobe Flash and Apple QuickTime.
HP RGS image-based collaboration keeps all application data more securely on the sending system - only encrypted, compressed video is sent to end users on receiving systems. This allows users to communicate and collaborate with partners while keeping sensitive data secure in the data center.
HP RGS also allows users to access one or many multi-display workstations from a network attached client using a single sign-on. The user enters their log-in credentials and HP RGS automatically authenticates the user, logs the user in to all assigned remote systems, unlocks the desktops, redirects the video, keyboard, and mouse to the new access location and disconnects the HP RGS sessions from the previous location. This allows the user's high-performance resources to be always-on and accessible through a standard Internet connection.

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ProduktbeskrivelseHP Remote Graphics Software - licens og medie
ProdukttypeLicens og medie
KategoriNetværksprogrammer - konnektivitet og datadeling, internetportaladgang
PlatformLinux, Windows
Designet forWorkstation xw4600
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KategoriNetværksprogrammer - konnektivitet og datadeling, internetportaladgang
ProdukttypeLicens og medie
PlatformLinux, Windows
Designet forHP Workstation xw4600
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
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