LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager - Licens 1 konsol

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Producent: HP (Hewlett packard)
Produkt nr.: E4H69AAE

Every asset has a lifecycle. The key to effective IT asset management is knowing precisely where a particular asset is in its lifecycle - at any given moment - and whether it is providing value to your business. If you know the current state of an asset, then you can intelligently plan and budget for IT procurement activities, updates, replacements and other changes in an asset's lifecycle.
LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager enables operational control of hardware, software, and other assets, and ties them to organizational and financial information for strategic planning. This enables complex value and accountability management and ties asset data into your larger IT service management strategy.
You can also visualize the lifecyle by generating a visual map of the assets in your environment and how they relate to each other. Use this relationship data to view connections among assets, contracts, licenses, organizational units and report asset accountability across those relationships. Understanding the relationships among your many IT assets also gives you the tools, information and ability to support comprehensive software asset management, compliance reporting and cost recovery efforts.
LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager enables workflow execution in conjunction with changes in an asset's attributes or lifecycle state. It keeps asset data fresh and relevant - and informs stakeholders of important changes. It captures the core data that organizations need to demonstrate immediate and significant value to their entire business.

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ProduktbeskrivelseLANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager - licens
KategoriForretningsprogrammer - virksomhed - lagersystemer
Antal licenser1 konsol
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KategoriForretningsprogrammer - lagersystemer
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