Lexmark 99A0076

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Producent: Lexmark
Produkt nr.: 99A0076
EAN: 5705965176504

Lexmark Value
Focused 100% on printing solutions and services, Lexmark puts leading-edge technology into every part
- Lexmark’s worldwide reach ensures dependable parts support whenever and wherever it is needed
- Ongoing investments in technology and product performance result in parts that you can depend on
- As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Lexmark is a qualified and expert parts resource, providing peace-of-mind for customers and service providers
- All parts are backed by warranties from Lexmark, a financially sound, global corporation that will be here for the long term

Superior Design & Engineering
Products and parts that are designed together from the beginning provide superior dependability and performance.
- Recognized worldwide as a technology leader with over 2,000 awards, Lexmark keeps its parts inventory current with new technology developments
- Genuine Lexmark OEM parts are engineered to optimize printer performance and maximize printer life
- Lexmark parts are integrally developed with our printers and supplies and designed to exacting standards to work with the product
- Parts that are designed to work together are generally more dependable than non-OEM parts that have been reverse-engineered by a third party

Readily available parts help minimize customers' operational and business disruptions.
- Genuine Lexmark Parts are available around the world
- A network of Lexmark Authorized Service Providers and Parts Distributors expands parts availability
- Readily available parts from a reliable supplier assure that parts are delivered when and where you need them
- For new Lexmark products with new parts, Lexmark is the only source for genuine OEM replacement parts

Quality & Reliability
Lexmark parts deliver the same high quality and reliable performance as our printing solutions and services.
- Lexmark designs Genuine OEM Parts to work effectively and safely in the broadest range of conditions
- Lexmark parts are tested to rigorous quality standards before going into production
- ISO 9001 certified processes assure tightly controlled manufacturing criteria for consistent parts quality and performance
- Lexmark quality assurance processes lead to continuing improvements throughout the product life-cycle

Genuine Lexmark Parts assure peak operational performance and increase customer peace-of-mind.
- With genuine OEM parts specifically designed for their Lexmark printers, customers are assured of optimum printer performance
- The dependability of Genuine Lexmark Parts provides confidence to the Service Provider
- Lexmark parts help prevent printer failures, reducing device downtime and eliminating the need for a costly second service visit
- Genuine Lexmark parts can have updated engineering changes and improvements that may not exist in non-OEM parts
- Customers have greater confidence in genuine OEM parts which are specifically designed for their Lexmark printer

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