Lexmark Cartridge No. 20 - Printerpatroner Gul

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Producent: Lexmark
Produkt nr.: 15M0120
EAN: 5711045045127

The High Resolution Standard Yield Color Print Cartridge ensures true photo quality on any paper type combining the 7 picoliter drop size together with the Lexmark unique 1200x1200 resolution!
All Lexmark inkjet cartridges have the actual print head, there where the core inkjet technology lies, integrated to the cartridge bottle. The main advantage to having the print head as an integrated part to the cartridge is that Lexmark customers get a new print head with each cartridge replacement! This is each time like getting a brand new printer all over again! No risk of deterioration of the print head (and therefore a decrease in quality) during the life of the printer as can be the case with other manufacturers who integrate the print head as a fixed part inside the printer itself.
Lexmark was the first manufacturer to introduce 1200x1200 dpi print heads. 1200x1200 dots per inch is the ability that Lexmark print heads have to place individual droplets of ink accurately on a 1200x1200 matrix per square inch of paper. Extreme precision and high resolution lead to the first class print quality provided by Lexmark printheads. With the introduction of the Z52 Color Jetprinter that can achieve a resolution of 2400x1200 dpi, Lexmark provides the ultimate in high resolution printing today!
The High Resolution Standard Yield Color Print Cartridge guarantees photo quality without the need for a photo cartridge. The print head features even smaller nozzle holes that can fire ink drops almost invisible to the human eye!
For all the color inks Lexmark chooses to use dye-based inks because of their unique ability to create richer and brighter colors, a wider color ink spectrum and light fastness. Lexmark has increased the percentage of dye in its latest generation of inks by 30%. This increase in the amount of dye creates brighter, richer colors that dramatically enhance the quality of prints.
All Lexmark printer drivers offer a choice of printing modes based on the quality required and the time available to customers. The Quick Print mode (600x300 dpi) uses less than 50% of the ink quantity used in higher printing modes and provides a maximum print speed while still ensuring a more than acceptable quality. The Quick Print mode enables you to use the ink in an economical and efficient way based on your specific needs!

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 19/6 2017

ProduktbeskrivelseLexmark Cartridge No. 20 - gul, cyan, magenta - original - blækpatron
PrintfarveGul, cyan, magenta
DriftsperiodeOp til 275 sider
Kompatibel medCompaq All-In-One A1000, A1500, A3000, A4000; Inkjet 1400P, Ij1200; Lexmark F4270; P3120, 3150, 706, 707; X125, 4250, 4270, 63, 70, 73, 80, 83, 84, 85, 85pro, 85xe; Z42, 43, 44, 45, 45se, 51, 52, 53, 54, 54se, 703, 705, 715, 82; Samsung SCX-1000, 1000S; SF-4700
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FarveGul, cyan, magenta
Antal inkluderet1 pakke
DriftsperiodeOp til 275 sider
Kompatibel medCompaq All-In-One A1000, A1500, A3000, A4000
Compaq Inkjet 1400P, Ij1200
Lexmark F4270
Lexmark P3120, 3150, 706 Photo Jetprinter, 707 Photo Jetprinter
Lexmark X125, 125 Pro, 4250, 4270, 63, 70, 73, 80, 83, 84, 85, 85pro, 85xe
Lexmark Z42 Color Jetprinter, 43 Color Jetprinter, 43 Color Jetprinter Hexaprint, 44 Color JetPrinter, 45 Color Jetprinter, 45se Color Jetprinter, 51 Color Jetprinter, 52 Color Jetprinter, 53 Color Jetprinter, 54 Color Jetprinter, 54se Color Jetprinter, 703 Photo Jetprinter, 705 Photo Jetprinter, 715 Photo Jetprinter, 82 Color Jetprinter
Samsung SCX-1000, 1000S
Samsung SF-4700
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