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Samsung S Pen pen

Producent SAMSUNG
Produkt nr. EJ-PT820BBEGWW
Varenummer 1054506
578,- DKK
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 11/07/2017
Mere info
Produktbeskrivelse Samsung S Pen - pen
Produkttype Pen
Beregnet til Tablet
Designet for Galaxy Tab S3 (9.7 tommer)
Produkttype Pen
Beregnet til Tablet
Farve Sort
Designet for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (9.7 tommer)

The S Pen is combined with the full touch screen to create a best-in-class mobile input experience. It is the most advanced pen input technology featuring an array of functions including pressure sensitivity, preciseness, speed and more. With the S Pen, you can easily sketch drawings or write notes with increased accuracy and ease. Also, the S Pen functionality is deeply integrated into the GALAXY Note's native applications to provide a richer interactive experience.
You can easily personalize photos and videos using the advanced S Pen. You can scribble in personalized notes and drawings on your memories of precious moments such as family outings, a baby's first walk and many more.

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