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Plantronics Blackwire C215

Plantronics Blackwire C215 headset

Producent: Plantronics
Produkt nr.: 205203-02
EAN: 0017229151925
Varenummer: 959248
  0 stk. København
  0 stk. Aarhus
+5 stk. Fjernlager
Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
Mere info
390,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Plantronics Blackwire C215 - headset
Produkttype Headset - kabling
Anbefalet brug Telefon, computer
Hovedtelefonmodeller På øret
Forbindelsesteknologi Kabling
Lydudgangsmodus Mono
Mikrofon Boom
Kontrolapparat Lydløs, lydstyrke, besvar/afslut
Produkttype Headset
Pandebåndsmateriale Metal
Anbefalet brug Telefon, computer
Hovedtelefonmodeller Supraaural
Forbindelsesteknologi Kabling
Tilgængelig mikrofon Ja
Lydudgangsmodus Mono
Styrkeregulering i ledning Ja
Type Boom
Styring Lydløs, lydstyrke, besvar/afslut
Forbindelsestype Hovedsæt (mini-phone stereo 3,5 mm 4-polet)
Medfølgende ledninger Kabel til hovedsæt

Let your team focus on collaboration rather than connecting peripherals. With a versatile 3.5 mm cable, Blackwire 215 can work with laptops, smartphones and tablets. Plus, the controls are so intuitive that anyone can use them.
The durable headset stands up to wear and tear. It easily folds flat to make storage easy at the end of the day. And all of this comes at an accessible price point, so you can equip your team for success.
Plantronics renowned audio technology is built into every Blackwire 215 headset. The noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise, so your team will always sound clear and confident.