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Olivetti XP 03 sort, gul, cyan, magenta - original - blækpatron

Producent: Olivetti
Produkt nr.: B0261
EAN: 8020334209469
Varenummer: 184851
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 29-12-2017
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795,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Olivetti XP 03 - sort, gul, cyan, magenta - original - blækpatron
Produkttype Blækpatron
Udskriftsteknik Blækprinter
Printfarve Sort, gul, cyan, magenta
Kompatibel med Artjet 10, 12; Jet-Lab 600
Forbrugsmaterialetype Blækpatron
Udskriftsteknik Blækprinter
Farve Sort, gul, cyan, magenta
Antal inkluderet 1 pakke
Kompatibel med Olivetti Artjet 10, 12 ¦ Olivetti Jet-Lab 600

You don't use Olivetti Original Supplies? What printhead do you use? Try out Olivetti's new line of active chip printheads. The best example of Olivetti advanced technology. Like a fully-fledged semiconductor, the printhead incorporates a silicon wafer, which integrates the driver circuit. So the real brain in the printing system is the printhead, which can fine "tune the ink" flow to maximize definition. But the real surprise is the quality of the color printing, where you can achieve impressive results without special photographic printheads.
You'll soon change your printing philosophy and enjoy the pleasure of high resolution. And don't forget that the four color printhead lets you print in black as well as in color, without having to change the cartridge. So there's no waste, because when you print in black you only use the black ink, and leave the other colors for your color printing jobs. Not only are Olivetti's printheads more intelligent, they also come in a "High Capacity" version. So they last longer and let you print dozens and dozens of pages. And if you want all the advantages of active printheads at a lower cost, Olivetti offers the "standard capacity" version: ideal for home PC users, students and people who print only a few pages a month.