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Olivetti IN503 farve (cyan, magenta, gul) - original - blækpatron

Producent Olivetti
Produkt nr. B0509
EAN 8020334284602
Varenummer 179257
497,- DKK
  0 stk. København
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 04-08-2017
Mere info
Produktbeskrivelse Olivetti IN503 - farve (cyan, magenta, gul) - original - blækpatron
Produkttype Blækpatron
Udskriftsteknik Blækprinter
Printfarve Farve (cyan, magenta, gul)
Kapacitet 7 ml
Kompatibel med ANY_WAY Photo, Photo - Wireless
Forbrugsmaterialetype Blækpatron
Udskriftsteknik Blækprinter
Farve Farve (cyan, magenta, gul)
Antal inkluderet 1 pakke
Kapacitet 7 ml
Kompatibel med Olivetti ANY_WAY Photo, Photo - Wireless

The Olivetti tradition of excellence in design and quality originates from the corporate culture and management style established by Adriano Olivetti, who pursued design and quality excellence in all products made by his company. The company continues this good tradition and provides its customers with high-class solutions in printer area delivering printer consumables and supplies of excellent quality to the modern market.
The ink-jet standard cartridge IN503, available in a practical and high convenient packaging, guarantees high paper color printout quality.
This cartridge is designed for the following systems:
ANY_WAY simple;
ANY_WAY bluetooth;
ANY_WAY wifi;
ANY_WAY photo, photo wireless;
ANY_WAY photo plus, photo wireless plus, photo fax.