noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Brown/Black

noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Brown/Black

Producent: noblechairs
Produkt nr.: NBL-RL-BRO-001
EAN: 4250144800233
Varenummer: F5274925

The noblechairs EPIC Series Brown/Black exuberantly shines with its genuine brown leather. This charming ergonomic executive swivel chair‘s design, as well as the distinguished atmosphere it exudes, are exemplary. With great pride and respect, the EPIC Series presents noblechairs REAL LEATHER in BROWN/BLACK harking the traditional ambience of a British gentleman’s club along with the contemporary comfort from the 21st century.

Its contact area is exclusively covered with premium brown leather detailed with a diamond pattern stitching on the seat and lumbar region for ultimate aeration. The resulting aesthetic conjures memories of a snug Chesterfield armchair and the era of the Roaring Twenties. At the hems and on the backrest, its black seams were woven by state-of-the-art industrial embroidery machines with the utmost of accuracy and precision.

How much detail has been slipped into the design of the EPIC series is demonstrated by its deluxe features. The subtly debossed crown logo that adorns the headrest, the golden embroidered logo accentuating the right side of the chair and the aluminium emblem are certifiable noblechairs seals of authenticity. All in all, the noblechairs EPIC Real Leather in Brown/Black goes along with a gaming mouse and keyboard as well as with a good cigar and a strong drink.


Not without reason, real leather is the most premium material chosen for furniture coverings. Nothing possesses more allure than genuine leather with its optically brilliant surface texture. Real leather is also durable, easy to clean, UV-resistant, insensitive to moisture as well as ageing and temperature resistant.


Support the neck area and the lumbar region with two removable black pillows embroidered with a golden noblechairs logo.


The fundamental basis of noblechairs is a solid steel frame enveloped by dimensionally stable cold foam and ergonomically shaped upholstery. With a 55% high density, noblechairs is able to retain its shape after prolonged use as well as hold a higher body weight.


The 360-degree swivel chair rests on a matte-black, aluminium, wheel base. The 5 (60mm) casters are coated in polyurethane allowing them to smoothly glide on both hard and soft floors.


Adjustment options allow noblechairs to flexibly adapt to individual requirements. Within the conical bore of the wheel base, a height-adjustable safety class 4 gas lift leads to the rocking mechanism at the front edge of the chair. Sitting positions can be adjusted using the lever of the reclining function located between the backrest and the seat area. Tilt positions can be locked and tilt tension can be adjusted with the control knob at the bottom of the seat. This regal seating experience is perfected by the polyurethane 4D armrests which are adjustable in four dimensions.


  • Total height (with base): ca. 131 – 141 cm
  • Width backrest (pelvis level): ca. 52 cm
  • Width backrest (point of contact): ca. 29.5 cm
  • Length backrest: ca. 87 cm
  • Backrest adjustability (static): 90° – 135°
  • Width seat (total): ca. 56 cm
  • Width seat (point of contact): ca. 35 cm
  • Depth seat (total): ca. 56.5 cm
  • Depth seat (point of contact): ca. 49.5 cm
  • Width armrests: ca. 10.5 cm
  • Depth armrests: ca. 27 cm
  • Rocking mechanism: max. 14°
  • Armrests adjustable: Yes (four-dimensional)
  • Maximum weight (user): 120 kg
  • Net weight (chair): ca. 27 kg
  • Gross weight (chair): ca. 29 kg
  • Package dimensions: ca. 84 * 38 * 70 cm
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years
  • MPN: NBL-RL-BRO-001
  • EAN: 4250144800233
  • Office certificate DIN EN 1335


  • Premium design
  • Real leather cover
  • Comfortable & breathable cold foam upholstery
  • 4D armrests with soft cushioning
  • Safety class 4 gas lift
  • Advanced rocking mechanism up to 11°
  • 60-millimetre casters for both soft and hard floors
  • 2 pillows included (neck pillow + lumbar pillow)
  • Reinforced outer packaging


  • Steel (frame)
  • Aluminium (five-star base, emblem)
  • Cold foam (upholstery)
  • Real leather (cover)
  • Nylon / Polyurethane (casters)
  • Polyurethane (armrests)
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4.690,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Noblechairs EPIC - stol
Produkttype Stol - ergonomisk - armstøtter - drejeled
Designet til Gaming
Nakkestøtte Ja
Styrehjul Ja
Tilt-lås Ja
Sædehøjde 49.5 cm - 59.5 cm
Sædedybde 56.5 cm
Hjultype Multi-surface
Materiale Nylon, polyurethan, skum, polyuretan kunstigt læder
Farve Sort, brun
Højde 131 cm - 141 cm
Vægt 27 kg
Produkttype Stol - ergonomisk - armstøtter - drejeled
Pakkeindhold Hovedstøttepude, lumbar pillow
Designet til Gaming
Nakkestøtte Ja
Antal armstøtter 2
Styrehjul Ja
Drejeledsvinkel 360
Tilt-lås Ja
Tilt-stramningsjustering Ja
Maks. belastningsvægt 120 kg
Materiale Nylon, polyurethan, skum, polyuretan kunstigt læder
Farve Sort, brun
Funktioner UV-resistent, fugtighedsresistent
Justerbar højde 10 cm
Højde 49.5 cm - 59.5 cm
Dybde 56.5 cm
Materiale Læder
Vinkeljustering Ja
Materiale Læder, polyuretan-læder
Funktioner Diamond tufted
Design 5-takket stjerne
Styrehjul 5 x 6 cm
Hjultype Multi-surface
Materiale Aluminium, solidt stål
Justerbare armlæn Højde, bredde, dreje
Højde 28.5 cm - 37 cm
Højdejusteringsinterval 8.5 cm
Materiale Læder
Højde 131 cm - 141 cm
Rygstøtte Bredde: 54.5 cm højde: 87 cm
Vægt 27 kg
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