ZyXEL WAP3205 v2 - Trådløs forbindelse 300Mbps

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Producent: ZyXEL
Produkt nr.: WAP3205V2-EU0101F
EAN: 4718937569564

The ZyXEL WAP3205 brings you a faster wireless connection than the existing 11g networks. With a data transfer rate of up to 300 Mbps, which is 6 times faster than 11g, you can enjoy high-speed network connection and high-definition video streaming no matter where you are at home, and better yet, it also works with your existing 802.11b and 802.11g network.
Some wired devices such as modems, set-top boxes, digital media adapters and storage devices might not be natively wireless capable. In order to connect these without additional wiring, driver installation or configuration, just plug the Ethernet cable into the WAP3205 and connect to another wired device to get connected wirelessly.
With the built-in universal repeater mode, the WAP3205 can work as a wireless client to connect most popular access points, and simultaneously performs as an access point to provide wireless connectivity to all other wireless devices such as notebooks. In other words, WAP3205 can extend the wireless coverage to the entire home premise and enable all wireless devices to link to the existing network - this is especially helpful for larger home environments.
The ZyXEL WAP3205 can allow different groups of users to access different networks through the multiple SSID support. Instead of supporting only one type of application, users can assign different policies and functions to each SSID, and thus increase the flexibility and efficiency of the network infrastructure. For example, users can assign two sets of policies to two SSIDs: one for private access and the other for guest or public access; when the guests connect to the wireless network, they can't connect to network storage devices or other private wireless devices under a pre-defined SSID security policy. The WAP3205 makes it easy to deploy one wireless network while fulfilling various requirements of security and privacy.
Equipped with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) push button, the WAP3205 makes establishing a secure wireless network easy. The WPS takes only a few seconds to set up a secure wireless network without any complicated procedures. Instead of entering a pass phrase, users can authenticate a device on the network by pressing a single button or by entering an automatically generated PIN code.

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 20/1 2017

ProduktbeskrivelseZyXEL WAP3205 v2 - trådløs forbindelse
EnhedstypeTrådløs forbindelse
DataforbindelsesprotokolIEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Dimensioner (B x D x H)15.9 cm x 11.1 cm x 2.3 cm
Vægt255 g
Producentgaranti3 års garanti
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
EnhedstypeTrådløs forbindelse
Bredde15.9 cm
Dybde11.1 cm
Højde2.3 cm
Vægt255 g
Dataoverførselshastighed300 Mbps
DataforbindelsesprotokolIEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Protokol til fjernadministrationHTTP
StatusindikatorerStrøm, WLAN, LAN, WPS
EgenskaberAuto-uplink (auto MDI/MDI-X), repeaterfunktion, MAC-adresse-filtrering, Wireless Distribution System (WDS) support, Tilgangspunkt, drift, firmware kan opgraderes, understøttelse af Wi-Fi-multimedie (WMM), Auto Channel Select (ACS), resultat register, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), nulstillingsknap, Wireless Client Mode
Krypterings algoritme128-bit WEP, 64-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
OverensstemmelsesstandarderFCC, RoHS, LVD
AntenneAftagelig eksternt
Antal antenner2
Forstærkning5 dBi
Interface2 x 100Base-TX - RJ-45
Medfølgende ledninger1 x netværkskabel
StrømenhedEkstern strømforsyning
Strømforbrug ved drift8 Watt
Service & Support3 års garanti
Detaljer om service & supportBegrænset garanti - 3 år
Min. driftstemperatur0 °C
Maks. driftstemperatur40 °C
Fugtighedsgrad ved brug10 - 90 % (ikke-kondenserende)
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
Pris inkl. moms
Dankort, VISA, VISA-Elektron, Master Card
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