HP (Hewlett packard) NC3132

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Producent: HP (Hewlett packard)
Produkt nr.: 338479-001
EAN: 5705965981917

The NC3132 Fast Ethernet Module provides two additional 10/100BASE-TX ports for the NC3134 or NC3131 Fast Ethernet adapters while allowing additional redundancy and bandwidth to the server without having to change the adapter or the operating system driver.

Bus-mastering -- The NC3132 uses the NC3134 or NC3131 base card connector, which is a 32-/64-bit PCI Universal Connector for operation in 32- or 64-bit PCI slots. Fully compliant with the 2.1 PCI specification, the NC3132 upgrade module automatically configures its I/O address and interrupt settings for easy installation. The NC3132 uses bus-mastering technology to maximize throughput and minimize CPU utilization.

PCI Hot Plug -- The NC3132 includes PCI Hot Plug support that enables PCI networking controllers to be replaced or added to a PCI Hot Plug compatible server without powering down the system. This feature provides increased system availability and non-stop serviceability in business-critical computing environments. The NC3132 plugs into the NC3134 or NC3131 Fast Ethernet adapters without requiring any tools.

Port Bonding -- Transmit Load Balancing (TLB) and Switch-Assisted Load Balancing (FEC/GEC/802.3ad static-mode configuration only) are two port-bonding methods supported by the NC3132. TLB provides both failover and balancing of transmit traffic across all adapters for increased performance. For even higher performance, Switch-Assisted Load Balancing (SLB) provides port failover and balancing of both transmit and receive traffic across all adapters when connected to a switch that supports this feature.

Extensive Driver Support -- The NC3132 uses the same operating system drivers as the NC3134 and NC3131 ; no driver change is required when adding the module or when moving from 10 to 100 Mbps. In addition, these same drivers can be used for all Compaq 10 or 100 Mbps NC series adapters. Common drivers provide consistency, easy management, and support to save money and time.

Auto-negotiation -- The NC3132 senses for 10 or 100 Mbps and half- or full-duplex and automatically configures to the highest network connection speed between the adapter and hub or switch port.

Security/Reliability -- The Network Fault Tolerance feature of the NC3132 ensures that the server can always keep an active link. Using either of the ports on the base adapter, the second port on the NC3132, or after installing a second compatible adapter, if the primary network connection fails, the second, backup adapter will automatically take over, retaining the network connection. The NC3132 can be configured to fail over to any NC31xx, NC61xx, or NC71xx adapter by using the latest drivers.

Server Integration -- Compaq’s SmartStartä configuration utility includes setup support for the NC3132 so that it can be configured as part of the SmartStart configuration process in Compaq servers. Compaq Insight Manager and Insight Manager XE can recognize the NC3132 individually or in port bonded teams, and can collect and report SNMP statistics on adapter events. The Compaq Network Management System (CNMS) can also collect and report SNMP statistics on the NC3132. Integrated Management Log (IML) support is provided by the NC3132 for critical event logging on Compaq servers.

Configuration Utilities -- Each NC3132 ships with a suite of OS-tailored configuration utilities that allow the user to run initial diagnostics and configure adapter teams for Network Fault Tolerance, Transmit Load Balancing, or Switch-Assisted Load Balancing (FEC/GEC/802.3ad static mode-configuration only) in the Windows 2000 and Windows NT operating systems.

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 3/3 2017

Dataoverførselshastighed (maks.)100 Mbit/s
Fuld dupleksJa
ChipsætIntel 82559
Ethernet LANJa
Kablingsteknologi10BASE-T & 100BASE-TX
Podrška za kontrolu protokaJa
Overholdelse af branchestandarderIEEE 802.2, 802.3, 802.3u
Web-based managementJa
Plug and playJa
Strømstyrke5 V
Strømforbrug800 mA
Link/Act LEDJa
GodkendelseFCC Class A & B, CE Mark
Operationel temperatur0 - 55 °C
Lager-temperatur-65 - 85 °C
Relativ luftfugtighed10 - 95 %
KabeltypeCAT 3, 4, 5 UTP
Kompatible operativsystemerWindows 2000
Windows NT 3.51, 4.0
Novell NetWare 3x, 4x, 5.x
SCO UnixWare 2.1
SCO UnixWare 7.x
SCO OpenServer 5.x
NetWare DOS
IBM OS/2 Warp Server
Porte, antal2
I/O-porte2x RJ-45
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Pris inkl. moms
Dankort, VISA, VISA-Elektron, Master Card
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