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MicroMemory - 512MB - DDR2 - 533MHz - DIMM 240-pin

MicroMemory - 512MB - DDR2 - 533MHz - DIMM 240-pin CL4

Producent: MicroMemory
Produkt nr.: MMDDR2-4200/512
EAN: 5705965806456
Varenummer: 241457
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Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
Mere info
299,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse MicroMemory - DDR2 - 512 MB - DIMM 240-pin
Produkttype RAM-hukommelse
Kapacitet 512 MB
Hukommelsestype DDR2 SDRAM - DIMM 240-pin
Opgraderingstype Generisk
Dataintegritetskontrol Ikke-paritet
Hastighed 533 MHz (PC2-4200)
Søgetids Timinger CL4
Egenskaber Ikke bufferet
Spænding 1.8 V
Producentgaranti 7 års garanti
Kapacitet 512 MB
Opgraderingstype Generisk
Teknologi DDR2 SDRAM
Model DIMM 240-pin
Hastighed 533 MHz (PC2-4200)
Søgetids Timinger CL4
Dataintegritetskontrol Ikke-paritet
Egenskaber Ikke bufferet
Modulkonfiguration 64 x 64
Organisering af chips 64 x 8
Spænding 1.8 V
Kompatible åbninger 1 x Hukommelse - DIMM 240-pin
Service & Support 7 års garanti

Earlier, you have had to choose if you wanted to invest a large amount in an "original" memory module or if you wanted to have a cheap copy from any unknown factory in the Far East imported by someone who sees this product as a mere trading product. Today, you can take advantage of EET Nordic's many years of experience within this area, when buying a module that is tested and approved for even the most demanding computers. With MicroMemory EET Nordic delivers a concept, which should not be compared to the cheapest qualities in the market. EET Nordic delivers a product which is 30 - 50% cheaper than original memory modules.
To sell a computer today is not very difficult. But to give the user a total experience that the computer he has bought is actually working as expected is often a whole different matter. For how much can you expect from an incredibly powerful processor in a computer when the "opening" to the processor is still just designed to deliver half the data power which the machine is actually able to deliver. This is truly increased efficiency: with a MicroMemory module you get much shorter waiting times, a better work flow and a general satisfaction with fast updates on your screen, preventing you from loosing concentration. This should be a good investment - for everybody.

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