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MicroMemory - 256MB - SDRAM - 133MHz - DIMM 168-PIN lav profil

MicroMemory - 256MB - SDRAM - 133MHz - DIMM 168-PIN lav profil CL3

Producent: MicroMemory
Produkt nr.: MMPC133/256
EAN: 5705965524664
Varenummer: 242096
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 18-01-2018
Mere info
461,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse MicroMemory - SDRAM - 256 MB - DIMM 168-PIN
Produkttype RAM-hukommelse
Kapacitet 256 MB
Hukommelsestype SDRAM - DIMM 168-PIN lav profil
Opgraderingstype Generisk
Hastighed 133 MHz (PC133)
Søgetids Timinger CL3
Kapacitet 256 MB
Opgraderingstype Generisk
Teknologi SDRAM
Model DIMM 168-PIN lav profil
Hastighed 133 MHz (PC133)
Søgetids Timinger CL3
Organisering af chips 32 x 8
Kompatible åbninger 1 x Hukommelse - DIMM 168-PIN

Micro Memory is the leading provider of large density, high-speed memory products. Products based on open industry standard architectures utilize cutting edge technologies to provide solutions for applications involving networking, signal and image processing, communications, and high-speed data acquisition.
This memory is designed for the following systems:
NEC PowerMate VL3;
ABIT BW7/BW7-RAID BL7/BL7-RAID 845 Chipset;
AOpen AX64 PRO motherboard;
AOpen MK33 motherboard;
MSI MS-6340M V3.0B motherboard;
AOpen MX34 motherboard;
AOpen MX64 motherboard;
Supermicro 370DDE;
Gigabyte Technology GA-7VX/GA-7VM motherboard;
Gigabyte Technology GA-7ZX/GA-7ZM/7ZXR3 motherboard;
MSI 694T PRO (MS-6309 V5.0);
MSI MS-6529/MS-6528 845 PRO;
Intel D815BN motherboard;
Intel D815EEA motherboard;
Intel D815EEA2/D815EPEA2 motherboard;
Intel D815EFV/D815EPFV motherboard;
Tyan Computers TRINITY 450 (S2507S);
Asus A7V (KT133);
Asus CUA ALADDIN TNT2 GAMING motherboard;
Asus CUV4X-D/CUV4X-DLS motherboards;
Asus K7V SLOT A KX133 motherboard;
Asus K7V-RM SLOT A KX133 motherboard;
Chaintech CT-6AJA4/CT-6AJR4 motherboards;
Chaintech CT-7AJA/CT-7AJV motherboards;
Chaintech CT-7ATA motherboard;
Supermicro P4SBA/P4SBM/P4SBR/P4SBE;
Epox EP-4B2A motherboard;
AOpen AK73 motherboard;
Intel D845WN/D845WNL motherboard;
IWILL KK266/KK266-R;
Biostar M6TSL motherboard;
ABIT SH6 motherboard;
ABIT VA6 motherboard;
ABIT VH6 motherboard;
ABIT SL6 motherboard;
ABIT VL6 motherboard;
ABIT VP6 motherboard;
ABIT KA7 motherboard;
ABIT KA7-100 motherboard;
ABIT KT7 motherboard;
ABIT VT6X4 motherboard;
ABIT KT7-RAID motherboard;
ABIT SA6R motherboard;
ABIT SE6 motherboard;
MSI K7T PRO/(MS-6330) TURBO motherboard;
MSI K7TM PRO/(MS-6340) motherboard;
MSI K7T MASTER motherboard;
Soyo SY-6VBA133 motherboard;
Soyo SY-6VCA motherboard;
Soyo SY-7ISA/SY-7ISA+/SY-7IS2 motherboard;
Supermicro P3TSSA/370SSM/370SSR;
Soyo SY-7ISM/SY-7SWM motherboard;
Soyo SY-K7VIA motherboard;
Soyo SY-7VBA133 motherboard;
Soyo SY-7VCA motherboard;
Soyo SY-7VCM motherboard;
Asus A7A266 ALI M1647/ALI M1535;
MSI 694D MASTER (MS-6362);
FIC International FIC motherboards AZ11E;
VIA Technologies 00-EPIA53104;
MSI K7MG PRO (MS-6375);
VIA Technologies 00-EPIA80104;
Intel D845HV/D845HVL motherboard;
Gigabyte Technology GA-6VM7-4E/GA-6VM7-4I/GA-6VM7-4X motherboard;
EPOX EP-7KXA motherboard;
EPOX EP-8KTA motherboard;
Gigabyte Technology GA-6VXC7-4X/GA-6VX7-1394 motherboard;
Gigabyte Technology GA-6VXD7 motherboard;
Tyan Computers TIGER 133 133MHZ (S1834);
QDI QDI motherboard KINETIZ 7L;
EPOX EP-3VSA2 motherboard;
Tyan Computers TIGER 200 (S2505);
BIOSTAR M7TDB motherboard;
Tyan Computers TIGER 230 (S2507D);
Chaintech CT-6SFV motherboard;
Tyan Computers TRINITY 400 (S1854);
AOpen AK33 motherboard;
AOpen AK72 motherboard;
AOpen AX34 motherboard;
AOpen AX34 PRO motherboard;
AOpen AX64 motherboard.