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Maxell DVD-R x 5 - 4.7 GB - lagringsmedie

Producent: Maxell
Produkt nr.: 275517
EAN: 5705965696873
Varenummer: 223507
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 27-11-2017
Mere info
444,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Maxell - DVD-R x 5 - 4.7 GB - lagringsmedie
Type Lagringsmedie - DVD-R
Antal Medier inkluderet 5
Normal kapacitet 4.7 GB
Skrivehastighed 16x (maks.)
Pakketype Cd-boks
Producentgaranti Begrænset livtidsgaranti
Type DVD-R
Antal Medier inkluderet 5
Maks. skrivehastighed 16x
Normal kapacitet 4.7 GB
Pakketype Cd-boks
Service & Support Begrænset livtidsgaranti

Maxell DVD-R discs have a high capacity of 4.7GB. They feature superior recording layer technology and a 100 year archival life. Write compatible with DVD-R general recorders. Read compatible with current generation DVD playback devices including DVD-R general and authoring recorders, DVD-RAM drives, DVD-ROM and DVD video players. Maxell DVD-R's are ideal for multimedia presentations (audio, video & data) large file storage, data transfer and long term storage.