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Jabra PRO 9460 spare headset

Jabra PRO 9460 spare headset headset

Producent: Jabra
Produkt nr.: 14401-05
EAN: 5706991012538
Varenummer: 150934
  0 stk. København
  0 stk. Aarhus
+5 stk. Fjernlager
Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
Mere info
967,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Jabra PRO 9460 spare headset - headset
Produkttype Headset - trådløs - DECT
Anbefalet brug Transportabel elektronik, telefon, computer
Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs - DECT
Lydudgangsmodus Mono
Mikrofon Boom
Kontrolapparat Lydløs, lydstyrke, tone, besvar/afslut
Produkttype Headset - DECT
Vægt 28 g
Anbefalet brug Transportabel elektronik, telefon, computer
Maks. driftsafstand 150 m
Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs - DECT
Tilgængelig mikrofon Ja
Lydudgangsmodus Mono
Aktiv støjannulleringsteknologi Noise Blackout
Type Boom
Styring Lydløs, lydstyrke, tone, besvar/afslut
Transmissionsområde 150 m
Batteri Batteri til hovedsæt genopladelig - Litiumion
Antal inkluderet 1
Kapacitet 315 mAh
Driftstid (op til) 8 time(r)
Standby Tid 100 timer

With Jabra PRO 9460 headset, office staff can answer calls made to either of their phones, even while away from their desks. Specially designed for open plan working environments, the model is fitted with a flex boom for optimum voice pick-up. Jabra PRO 9460 is a single-ear headset that can be worn hooked over the ear, or on a head or neckband.
The device is united by a stylish touch screen base. The base connects to your headset via DECT - a technology characterized by its reliable, long range capabilities - offering a wireless range of up to 150m. A SmartSetup wizard on the touch screen helps you connect your phones and choose preferences to get started. Once you're up and running, the screen's colorful icons and intuitive menu system make call-handling a breeze.