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Jabra GN 9120 MicroBoom

Jabra GN 9120 MicroBoom headset

Producent: Jabra
Produkt nr.: 9130-01
EAN: 5706991000764
Varenummer: 147936
  0 stk. København
  0 stk. Aarhus
  0 stk. Fjernlager
Forventet levering ved bestilling: 24-01-2018
Mere info
1.105,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Jabra GN 9120 MicroBoom - headset
Produkttype Headset - DECT - trådløs
Anbefalet brug Telefon
Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs
Trådløs teknologi DECT
Hovedtelefonteknologi Dynamisk
Lydudgangsmodus Mono
Mikrofon Boom
Driftsmåde af mikrofon Mono
Kontrolapparat Lydløs, lydstyrke, besvar/afslut
Produkttype Headset - DECT
Anbefalet brug Telefon
Hovedtelefonteknologi Dynamisk
Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs
Trådløs teknologi DECT
Tilgængelig mikrofon Ja
Lydudgangsmodus Mono
Type Boom
Driftsmåde af mikrofon Mono
Styring Lydløs, lydstyrke, besvar/afslut
Strømenhed Strømforsyningsadapter - ekstern
Batteri Batteri til hovedsæt genopladelig
Driftstid (op til) 12 time(r)

The wireless GN 9120 headset is the future of executive telephony. Giving you an incredible range in the office, up to a 12-hour talk time plus a host of unique features and benefits, the GN 9120 lets you get more done.
Conference calls have become a way of life in today's business. The GN 9120's multi-unit conferencing capability lets up to four headsets join in on a call. Enjoy fully mobile conference calls without the hassles of crackling speakerphones or meeting room bookings.
Flexibility, comfort and styling are hallmarks of the GN 9120. The GN 9120 also complies with the toughest acoustic shock protection standards, eliminating overly-loud sounds, and is compatible with virtually any telephone.
The GN 9120 helps you keep pace by giving you the freedom to work your way.