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IBM Trunking Activation

IBM Trunking Activation licens

Producent Lenovo
Produkt nr. 45W0509
EAN 0883436031622
Varenummer 621080
30.737,- DKK
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 13-09-2017
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Produktbeskrivelse IBM Trunking Activation - licens
Produkttype Licens ( aktivering )
Designet for System Storage SAN24B-4
Produkttype Licens ( aktivering )
Designet for IBM System Storage SAN24B-4

ISL Trunking Activation is designed to enable FC packets to be efficiently distributed across multiple Inter-Switch connections (links) between two SAN b-type fabric switches, while preserving in-order delivery. ISL Trunking is supported between any of the supported 2, 4, or 8 Gbps b-type models. Both SAN b-type fabric switches must have ISL Trunking activated.
All the 8 Gbps platforms support a trunk group with up to 8 ports, up to 64 Gbps ISL trunks. The trunking groups are based on the user port number, with contiguous 8 ports as one group.
When connecting the 8 Gbps-capable models to legacy 2 or 4 Gbps-capable b-type fabric switch models, ISL trunking is supported with link speeds operational at lowest speed and FC packets distributed across ISLs for a combined bandwidth of up to 8 or 64 Gbps.