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Hoya SUPER HMC PRO1 Haze UV(0)

Hoya SUPER HMC PRO1 Haze UV(0) filter - UV-beskyttelse - 77 mm

Producent HOYA
Produkt nr. Y8UVP077
Varenummer 408102
664,- DKK
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 28/06/2017
Mere info
Produktbeskrivelse Hoya SUPER HMC PRO1 Haze UV(0) - filter - UV-beskyttelse - 77 mm
Filtertype Filter - UV-beskyttelse
Model Rund - 77 mm
Beregnet til Kamera / farvefilm, sort/hvid-film
Produkttype Filter
Model Rund
Filterdiameter 77 mm
Beregnet til Kamera / farvefilm, sort/hvid-film
Filtereffekter UV-beskyttelse
Belægning Super-flerlagsbelægning

These outstanding filters offer revolutionary performance in light transmission and color balance. 12 layers of Super Multicoating are applied to the surface of the Skylight 1B and UV models, which produce an average transmission of 99.7%. Coupled with maximum surface precision, this allows increased resistance to flare the stunning images can be recorded at wide apertures without compromising the performance of your lenses. Hoya ultra thin Circular Polarizer filters have seven layers of Multicoating applied to their rear surface to eliminate internal reflections and ghosting. Advanced thin selective film is used to guarantee perfectly polarized light with neutral color balance. Their slim profile of just 5mm avoids any vignetting problems and makes them ideal for use with wide-angle lenses. There is no front female thread, but they do accept push-on lens caps. HOYA Super HMC PRO-1 filters will appeal to the most demanding of photographers who require the ultimate in performance.

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ÅOP 9000.1%
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