be quiet! Noise Absorber Kit Universal Midi

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Produkt nr.: BGZ13
EAN: 4260052180389

Be quiet! long-standing experience gathered in sound-proofing of PCs has been paving the way for the further development of widely renowned insulating mats. As a result, be quiet! can now score with a much simpler and more efficient set. Anyone experiencing noisy PC components has certainly given much thought to possible solutions, and only found insulating mats as a solution in most cases. So far, however, one had to be content with complicated sets: unfortunately, user friendliness was frequently neglected to a large extent. Be quiet! has now succeeded in creating a set to be installed very easily while, however, providing insulating properties unknown up to the present day.
This set is tailored to the design of your Midi Towers. It goes without saying that this set may also be obtained as a Universal Kit, which is equally suited for other computer housings. Comprehensive instructions for use will guide you step by step during the installation process, making sure that the mats can be stuck easily.

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 1/6 2017

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