Logitech Trackman Live - Trådløs

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Producent: StarTech
Produkt nr.: ST122LE
EAN: 650308258568

Give your best presentations with Logitech TrackMan Live! Move around the room answering questions, circulate through the audience, and keep the interest level high in an environment that truly encourages interaction. Because it incorporates the most advanced cordless technology available today, TrackMan Live! works even when it's not pointing directly at the computer. So, instead of focusing on whether your presentation device is working, you're free to keep your attention on your audience.
Logitech's digital radio technology provides reliability that infrared cordless devices just can't match. Infrared technology, such as your TV remote, requires aiming and a clear path to work. With radio technology, your mouse and computer communicate without needing to be in a straight line with each other. TrackMan Live! works anywhere within a 30 foot range of your computer, even if there are piles of paper, coffee cups, overhead projectors, flip charts, or even audience members between them. If you're presenting at your desk instead of in a conference room, you can choose a power-saving 6-foot range.
Wrap your hand around TrackMan Live's curves and you're ready to control any presentation. The three different-size buttons let you use TrackMan Live! even in dark rooms without disrupting your flow. Click a button to move forward or backward. Move the cursor with the small thumb trackball to highlight your points or give a command. TrackMan Live! includes MouseWare software, which allows you to easily customize the presentation commands you have assigned to the buttons. Just make your choice of ESC, forward, backward, or another command from the menu in the MouseWare control center. You can even assign traditional mouse commands.

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ProduktbeskrivelseLogitech Trackman Live - styrebold - PS/2, seriel
ForbindelsesteknologiTrådløs - PS/2, seriel
Dimensioner (B x D x H)6 cm x 16 cm x 3 cm
Vægt0.1 kg
Antal knapper3
Bevægelsesopløsning400 dpi
Batteri2 x AAA type
OS nødvendigMicrosoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows 3.1
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Bredde6 cm
Dybde16 cm
Højde3 cm
Vægt0.1 kg
GrænsefladePS/2, seriel
Antal knapper3
Bevægelsesopløsning400 dpi
Interface1 x seriel
1 x mus - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2 stil)
TypeAAA type
Antal installeret2
Med softwareDrivers & Utilities
OS nødvendigMicrosoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows 3.1
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