Edifier S530D - Hvid

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Producent: Edifier
Produkt nr.: S530DWHT-EU
EAN: 6923520261598

Still, the company has quickly outdone itself with the arrival of the S530-D. This Phil Jones and Peter Duminy collaboration has placed Edifier in an enviable position in the local desktop speaker sweepstakes.
The S530-D system transcends your typical desktop speaker system in terms of design and appearance. It features a mostly black theme with two magnetically shielded Hi-Fi speaker sats with removable cloth grilles, a large magnetically shielded subwoofer cabinet that houses the amplifier as well as two remotes - a big, wired one with LCD display and a standard wireless card remote. Behind the grilles of each sat you'll find a couple of drivers encircled in silver trim. There's a 31/2" midrange driver below and a 2" tweeter located above. Both sats feature well built cabinets that are deep and heavy with a nice black speckling effect all over. There's spring loaded speaker cable connectors on the rear of each sat but no bass reflex ports are present. The sats can also be wall mounted thanks to the provided bracket on the rear of each unit.
As mentioned, you get two remotes with the S530-D. The unique one is the wired remote that features a tasteful 2.5" LCD display that displays subwoofer and satellite volume levels, bass, treble and balance as well as input options.
Even at low volumes (with volume boost), the S530-D shined. Turning-up the juice resulted in a well-balanced effortless sound that had enough detail, timing as well as bass oomph to satisfy most rock heads out there. Gaming was also excellent thanks to the lower grunt from the subwoofer that made-up for a lack of surround effects. Desktop audiophiles should audition these speakers. For full effect - place the sats on dedicated stands, sit back and enjoy!

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 17/11 2016

ProduktbeskrivelseEdifier S530D - højttalersystem - til PC
ProdukttypeHøjttalersystem - PC multimedie - 2.1-kanal
Vægt19 kg
Medietype2 højttalere, subwoofer
Nominel udgangseffekt (total)140 Watt
Frekvensrespons20 - 20000 Hz
Nominel impedans10 kOhm
Højttalersystemdetaljer1 x subwoofer 70 Watt
2 x højttaler for satellit 35 Watt
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ProdukttypeHøjttalersystem - til PC - 2.1-kanal
Vægt19 kg
Dimensioner (B x D x H) / Vægt detaljerHøjttaler for satellit: 11.6 cm x 16 cm x 20.3 cm
Subwoofer: 27.4 cm x 46.8 cm x 30.9 cm
Fås i farverneHvid
Medietype2 højttalere, subwoofer
Nominel udgangseffekt (total)140 Watt
Frekvensrespons20 - 20000 Hz
Nominel impedans10 kOhm
Signalstøjforhold85 dB
Total harmonisk forvrængning0.5%
Magnetisk skærmJa
KontrollerBalance, lydstyrke
Højttalere inkluderet1 x subwoofer - 70 Watt - kabling
2 x højttaler for satellit - 2-vejs - 35 Watt - kabling
DriverdetaljerSubwoofer: 1 x woofer-driver - 8"
Højttaler for satellit: 1 x mellemdriver - 3.5"
Højttaler for satellit: 1 x tweeter-driver - 1"
Forbindelsestype2 x lydindgang ( RCA phono x 2 )
Digital lydindgang (koaksial) ( RCA )
Digital lydindgang (optisk) ( TOS-tilslutning )
Udstyr inkluderetFjernstyring
FjernbetjeningFjernstyring - kabel
Fjernstyring egenskaberLCD-skærm
StrømenhedStrømforsyning - intern
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