Aten CS-72EC

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Producent: Aten
Produkt nr.: CS72ECZ-AT
EAN: 4710423772717

2-port PS/2 desktop slim KVM with cables

The CS-72EC KVM switch provides access to two computers from a single console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor)

The CS-72EC's custom designed cables significantly reduce the mass of wires associated with KVM installations. There are only three cables to connect between the KVM, console, and computers. The secret lies in the console cable, your input devices and monitor are not connected directly to the KVM, there by reducing cable weight to the rear of the unit. This reduced weight allows the unit to be placed either vertically or horizontally on your desk.

Set up is simply a matter of connecting the included cables between your computers and the KVM, adding your mouse, monitor, and keyboard to the console cable, then turning on your computers. The power on detect even automatically switches to the first computer powered on.

Switching computers is easily accomplished by either pressing the desired manual switch on the KVM, or by a few easy to remember keystrokes on your keyboard, and since the KVM intercepts key strokes directly form the keyboard – there is no software to install on either computer. The units use PS/2 bus power, so there are no adapters to lose or outlets to locate.

The KVM's fashionably simple styling, clean installation, and simple switching will make this a welcome tool for eliminating, wasted space, additional expense of "extra" monitors, keyboard and mice, and increasing productivity by eliminating keyboard, mouse juggling to use "the other computer"


- One PS/2 console controls 2 computers.
- Compact, modern case for convenient attractive placement.
- Custom connectors for clean installations.
- Power on detection - automatically switches to the first powered on port.
- Computer selection via front panel pushbuttons or key board inputs (hotkey).
- Video resolution up to 2048 x 1536; DDC2B. Supports Microsoft
- IntelliMouse and the scrolling wheel on most mice.
- Auto Scan function to monitor computer operation.
- OS Support: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, LINUX, FreeBSD and virtually any PS/2 compliant Operating System.

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 9/5 2017

Numre af computere2
Тип порта клавиатурыPS/2
Maus PorttypPS/2
Video port jenisVGA
Kabellængde0.5 m
Farve på produktGrey
Интервал на сканиране5 s
Maks opløsning2048 x 1536 pixels
AC indgangsspænding9 V
Strømforbrug0.9 W
Vægt317.51 g
Operationel temperatur0 - 50 °C
Lager-temperatur-20 - 60 °C
Relativ luftfugtighed0 - 80 %
Pakke vægt907.18 g
Quick installation guideJa
Mål (BxHxD)127 x 79.75 x 24.89 mm
Porte, antal2
Kompatible operativsystemerWindows 2000/XP/Vista, LINUX, FreeBSD
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
Pris inkl. moms
Dankort, VISA, VISA-Elektron, Master Card
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