Novoflex ClassicBall 5 II

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Producent: Novoflex
Produkt nr.: CB5II
EAN: 4030432757803

Version II features a "true" panorama panning base with 360° laser engraved scaling at the bottom of the housing. To make use of the panorama function the ball head is being turned upside down thus allowing a 100% accurate leveling to avoid a sloped horizon while doing panorama shots. To support the leveling, the CB5 II comes with an integrated bubble level. The necessity to lengthen and shorten the legs of your tripod/Quadropod to adjust no longer exists.
One glance at the ClassicBall, with its understated matte titanium finish, and it's clear that this is a high-precision instrument made to last.
In line with Novoflex's well-known product policy, the ClassicBall is an all-metal design incorporating advanced polymer materials. As with other Novoflex products, the ClassicBall was developed and is manufactured entirely at the company's plant in Memmingen, Germany.
The camera can now swing smoothly through 180° vertically. Equally important is that having three 90° openings has been achieved with no loss of stability.
Working on the ClassicBall, Novoflex development engineers aimed first and foremost to meet photographers' requirement for a precisely controllable and repeatable friction adjustment (braking) for the ball. The result was the AFC (advanced friction adjustment). Integrated here for the first time, AFC allows photographers to set the friction on a setting ring in the center of the ball head. In other words, they can set the correct braking rate of the ball even before he attaches camera and lens. This is finally the end of trial and error adjustment. Getting the right setting is now child's play, even with weighty telephoto lenses.
In contrast to other ball heads of this type, the ClassicBall makes it possible to lock the ball in position without any risk of even a slight shift in position. This feature comes into its own in macro photography where it is essential not to disturb the setting of a shot. As one would expect from a product of this caliber, the ClassicBall provides integrated 360° panning and two camera threads (1/4" and 3/8"). The ball support is permanently grease-free.
All adjusting elements have been optimized for easy operation even under very difficult conditions. Photographers working in very low temperatures, for example, can set and check all functions reliably without removing their gloves.
In designing the ClassicBall, Novoflex engineers drew on practical experience and their deep knowledge of the problems encountered by professional photographers in their daily work. The company has gone to great lengths to achieve high stability and excellent resistance to vibration.

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ProduktbeskrivelseNovoflex ClassicBall 5 II - Hoved for stativ med ben
ProdukttypeHoved for stativ med ben
Dimensioner (B x D x H)11.75 cm
Vægt970 g
Hovedtype for stativ med benBold
Maks. understøttet vægt12 kg
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ProdukttypeHoved for stativ med ben
Højde11.75 cm
Vægt970 g
Maks. understøttet vægt12 kg
Hoved for stativ med benBold
Panorering (grader)360
Egenskaber1/4" og 3/8" gevind
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
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