Walimex Daylight 150

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Producent: walimex
Produkt nr.: 12536
EAN: 4250234525367

Permanent light sources are most suitable for photographers and videographers, because they enable a direct assessment of the projection and intensity of light. Apart from this, constant light can also be easily integrated into other light colors, like e.g. into artificial as well as natural light sources, since the photographer or videographer is able to flexibly adapt the ratio to the ambient light. For beginners permanent light is highly appropriate, because the effect of continuous light is easier to judge. The artist is in this case able to work dynamically and playfully, and to fully concentrate on "setting the light". Shots with the aperture wide opened like portraits, evocative still lifes and dynamic video sequences can be easily realized. Daylights generate a bright, white light, similar to daylight. Due to a CRI-value of more than 83 and a color temperature of approx. 5400 Kelvin, the daylights ensures a very good color reproduction. In order to be able to model the light as required for the situation, there is a number of light controls available for the daylights, which will offer the desired effect, depending on the situation. Fluorescent lamps cannot be regulated with respect to their intensity. Fluorescent lamps are far more efficient than conventional electric light bulbs, the power in Watt does not express much about the actual light efficiency. This is the reason why the power of the daylights is given in lumen (lm), lux and as comparison value to conventional electric light bulbs. The spiral lamps of the daylights are designed for being used with a conventional E27 socket. With this special E27 sockets you have also the possibility to mount the construction on a tripod and to attach various light controls.

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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 4/5 2017

ProduktbeskrivelseWalimex Daylight 150 - lampehoved
Konstant belysningskildeFluorescent
Max kontinuerlig lysstrøm25 W
Lyseffekt i LUX48 (2 m)
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
Vægt1.35 kg
Konstant belysningskildeFluorescent
Max kontinuerlig lysstrøm25 W
Antal hoveder1
Antal lamper1
Farvetemperatur6400 K
Lyseffekt i LUX48 (2 m)
Montering5/8" (1,59 cm) tapskruer
Inklusive lys modifikatorReflektor
EgenskaberBrugerudskiftelig lampe
Lamper( 1 ) x kontinuerlig - 230 V - fluorescent - 25 W - 6400 K - E27
Pakkekomponenter1 x lampehoved - Walimex Daylight 150
1 x reflektor - Ø 18 cm - aluminium
* Der tages forbehold for trykfejl.
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