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Flexson FLXP5FS1021 stativ

Producent Flexson
Produkt nr. FLXP5FS1021
EAN 0799441549598
Varenummer 940290
1.808,- DKK
  0 stk. København
  0 stk. Aarhus
  0 stk. Fjernlager
Forventet levering ved bestilling: 28-07-2017
Mere info
Produktbeskrivelse Flexson FLXP5FS1021 - stativ
Produkttype Stativ - gulvmodel
Anbefalet brug Højttaler(e)
Materiale Metal
Farve Sort
Designet for Sonos PLAY:5
Materiale Metal
Farve Sort
Type Stativ
Anbefalet brug Højttaler(e)
Anbringelse/montering Gulvmodel
Kabeladministration Integreret kabeladministration
Designet for Sonos PLAY:5

Flexson floorstands put your SONOS PLAY: 5 speaker at the ideal listening height. Whether you're streaming music to a single speaker, or using a pair of PLAY: 5 speakers in stereo, your system will look - and sound - great. Flexson's bespoke floorstand is precision engineered in England to perfectly match the size, style and color of the SONOS PLAY: 5 speaker. The Flexson floorstand for PLAY: 5 is a sturdy, metal design - with a stable base that can slip under sofas or chairs if needed. This edition has enhanced cable routing, with a cable channel at the rear of the upright column making it easier to neatly hide away the speaker's power cable. Like all Flexson accessories for SONOS, the floorstand is easy to assemble and use. It comes with your choice of spikes (for carpeted floors) or gel pads (for hard floors).