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DeLOCK video/audiokabelpakke

DeLOCK video/audiokabelpakke HDMI / DVI

Producent: DELOCK
Produkt nr.: 84455
EAN: 4043619844555
Varenummer: 403042
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  1 stk. Fjernlager
Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
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275,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse DeLOCK video/audiokabelpakke - HDMI / DVI
Kabel Video/audiokabelpakke - HDMI / DVI
Egenskaber Ferritkerne
Kabeltype Video/audiokabelpakke
Understøttet grænseflade HDMI / DVI
Plated Connector Guld
Egenskaber Ferritkerne
Antal inkluderet x Type Video/audiokabel - 19-pins HDMI Type A / mini-telefonstereo 3,5 mm ( han ) til 18-pins digital DVI (Single-Link) / mini-telefonstereo 3,5 mm ( han ) , 2 m ¦ Audiokabel - 3,5 mm stereo mini jack ( hun ) til RCA phono x 2 ( han )

This DVI - HDMI cable by Delock enables you to connect a monitor to your PC. Thus you can connect the cable to a HDMI graphics card and to a DVI monitor. Furthermore the cable can be connected to a DVI graphics card and to a HDMI monitor. For audio transfer just plug the two additional audio connector to the sound card and the monitor.