Corsair XMS2 Xtreme Performance - 1GB - DDR2 - 800MHz - DIMM 240-pin

Corsair XMS2 Xtreme Performance - 1GB - DDR2 - 800MHz - DIMM 240-pin CL5

Producent: Corsair
Produkt nr.: CM2X1024-6400
EAN: 870584005698
Varenummer: 170542
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Produktbeskrivelse CORSAIR XMS2 Xtreme Performance - DDR2 - 1 GB - DIMM 240-pin
Produkttype RAM-hukommelse
Kapacitet 1 GB
Hukommelsestype DDR2 SDRAM - DIMM 240-pin
Opgraderingstype Generisk
Dataintegritetskontrol Ikke-paritet
Hastighed 800 MHz (PC2-6400)
Søgetids Timinger CL5
Egenskaber Ikke bufferet
Producentgaranti Begrænset livtidsgaranti
Kapacitet 1 GB
Opgraderingstype Generisk
Teknologi DDR2 SDRAM
Model DIMM 240-pin
Hastighed 800 MHz (PC2-6400)
Søgetids Timinger CL5
Dataintegritetskontrol Ikke-paritet
Egenskaber Ikke bufferet
Organisering af chips 64 x 8
Kompatible åbninger 1 x Hukommelse - DIMM 240-pin
Service & Support Begrænset livtidsgaranti

Since mid-2003, Corsair has been involved with DDR2 development through the JEDEC association, which establishes industry standards for electronics. Its participation has allowed Corsair to be among the first companies to reach the market with DDR2 memory modules. Corsair is calling the family XMS2. Initial product offerings will look similar to the classic XMS memory.
This memory significantly outperforms the fastest DDR speeds. DDR2 speed grades START where DDR hit the ceiling.
Guaranteed standards- compliant! Corsair is a member of JEDEC and helped define DDR2 standards.
Better signal integrity provides higher clock speeds thanks to new features at chip level, such as Off-Chip Driver calibration (OCD) and On-Die Termination (ODT).
The memory features larger 4-bit prefetch, additive latency, and enhanced registers.