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Canon CB-400 strømforsyningsadapter (bil) + batterioplader

Producent: Canon
Produkt nr.: 6501A006
EAN: 4054317752172
Varenummer: 226857
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Forventet levering ved bestilling: 27-12-2017
Mere info
1.392,- DKK
Produktbeskrivelse Canon CB-400 - strømforsyningsadapter (bil) + batterioplader
Produkttype Strømforsyningsadapter (bil) + batterioplader
Designet for Canon MV3, MV3i, MV3i MC, MV4, MV4i, MV4i MC; Elura 10, 20MC; IXY DV2
Produkttype Strømforsyningsadapter (bil) + batterioplader
Input-stik Automobil cigarettænder
Antal inputstikforbindelser 1
Medfølgende ledninger Strømkabel
Designet for Canon MV3, MV3i, MV3i MC, MV4, MV4i, MV4i MC ¦ Canon Elura 10, 20MC ¦ Canon IXY DV2

Since it began operations, Canon has placed great importance on technology. By developing original technologies, Canon has been able to diversify into a wide range of business fields. Behind the company's fully equipped product line stands a whole line of innovative power accessories that will help you to work more productively. All power accessories from Canon bring outstanding performance and are noted for their superior quality.
The CB-400 adapter powers the camera or charges the battery when plugged into a car's cigarette lighter socket.